PST is an ESETA accredited training institution that has been doing business for the last 10 years. It has been incorporated as a division of EQTECH AFRICA from September 2010 and the management goal has been to improve the market offering and evolve our programmes and courses to a level with the delivery of competent persons, through holistic, fast track and application based learning .

We offer a wide range of standard, quality managed and competitively priced range of electrical distribution and transmission technical training solutions designed to meet the clients requirements.

These include:

  • Developing and implementing learner management systems.

  • Technical Evaluation of learners to assess knowledge of the Distribution and Transmission system.

  • Mentorship programmes and coaching at both middle management and engineer/technician/artisan level.

  • Extensive technical programmes and courses.

These service offerings will contribute to reducing both business and personal risks via:

  • Developing competent people who can deliver services and products expertly and efficiently.

  • Reducing organizational risks through ensuring proper skills transfer and people development.

  • Addressing the need for skills development  through high quality programmes.

  • Ensuring that expansion project risks are managed.

Our trainers are subject matter specialists  who have spent many years mastering their disciplines  both on and off  the field. They have worked extensively within the Electricity Supply Industry and bring with them a wealth of Knowledge, Skills and Practices and are committed to transfer of  these to our candidates both through our teaching programmes and personal interaction.