Our project office has a team of qualified and experienced persons who have worked on a number of projects within

the Electrical sector.


Project Management

The project office is regarded as the hub of all operational activity in the successful delivery of projects .

We have developed standard systems and tools to consistently maintain the bar as per all of the project variables .

We are currently assisting Eskom in the Project Management of high priority projects.


Risk Management

Providing a one stop risk management service to the Electricity Supply Industry through:

1. Provision of an integrated approach to risk management.

2. Addressing the 1st line approach to risk mitigation through developing technically competent individuals.

3. Investigating, analyzing, designing(developing) as well as implementing solutions to address(minimize) business risks.

4. Providing expertise and risk management services in the areas of:

  • Health+Safety Management

  • Environmental Management

  • Quality Management

  • Electrical system integrity risk

Pure risk management offerings are:

  • Risk management business planning facilitation and documentation

  • Integrated risk management planning facilitation and documentation

  • Hazard identifi cation and risk assessment

  • Risk management audits including contractor, construction, department, Technical Service Centre(depot), unit risk assessment.


Technical Management

Plant and Asset Management Asset management services include:

  • Operational effi ciency and utilisation of technology

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Risk analysis and development of minimisation strategies

  • Development of business processes

  • Development of implementation strategies

  • Management and monitoring of implementation

  • Standardisation of work practices and products

  • Development and implementation of performance measurements

  • Energy effi ciency

  • Application of new technology

  • Plant and equipment assessment

  • Development of condition monitoring maintenance strategies


Technology and Quality Management and Electrical Technical process consulting
  • Facilitate solution based processes to investigate and resolve technical problems in the industry.


Technical change management

Some of Our Clients:

  • City of Cape Town

  • Eskom

  • Ekhuruleni Municipality

  • Buff alo City Municipality

  • Breede River Municipality


  • Worcestor Municipality

  • George Municipality

  • SAB

  • Drakenstein Municipality

  • Outshoorn Municipality

  • Daimler Chrysler

  • TFMC

  • Mittal Steel

  • Exxaro

  • Mercedes Benz

  • Mittal Steel

  • SmitAmandla