Our specialist expertise is drawn from a distinguished heritage, stretching some 40 years and which includes some of the most highly respected names in Turbo Generators; GEC, Alstom, Toshiba, ABB, Siemens/ KWU, GE, Oerlikon and Brush, to name but a few.

From the integrity of an exciter rotor repair to the reliability of a 1000MW rotor rewind, you can rely on PGS to continue

delivering the best, cost effective services and expertise to OEM's and partners across the world.

PGS offices are strategically located along the South African Coastline and the new King Shaka International Airport which would serve as an excellent platform for Original Equipment Manufacturers and partners wishing to service any client on the African continent. We specialize in providing the best personnel to support your project, especially turbo-generator rotor repairs and rewinds.


Rotor Scan can supply: Project Managers, Planners, Quality Control Inspectors, Supervisors and winders.


Detail Services include :


  • RSO tests

  • IR tests

  • Volt Drop tests

  • Trouble shooting and Fault finding

  • Non Destructive testing of Coil Retaining Rings ( Crrs )

  • Truth or run-out checks on rotor components

  • Removal and fitting of coil retaining rings , utilising a temperature controlled electrical and           

  • Dismantling and fitting of rotor components ( sl

  • Stripping of rotor (rotor coils, rotor insulation)

  • Refurbishing of rotor components

  • Rewinding of rotor ( rotor coils )

  • Assembly of rotor components

  • Final testing and balancing of rotor


Project Management
  • Overseeing of various generator projects through a “Hands On ” approach

  • Resource allocation and control on generator projects running simultaneously

  • Monitoring and controlling of due date deliveries on Gant charts

  • Monitoring and Controlling generator project expenditure

  • Controlling of sub- contractors on projects

  • Purchasing of spares and equipment required on generator projects

  • Providing technical input on generator projects


Technical and Operations
  • Inspecting and testing on generator rotors  during repair/rewind of units

  • Fault finding on generator rotors

  • Repairing and rewinding Generator and exciter rotors

  • Supervising of operations on projects

  • Technical support to artisans in problem areas

  • Technical support to Engineers and Technicians

  • Technical report writing

  • Managing total operations on rotor projects

  • Liaising with various OEMs ( original equipment manufacturers ) on projects

  • Compilation of work instructions

  • Clean condition set up and control


Quality Control and Assurance
  • Designing and compilation of process control documents for projects

  • Visual Inspection on projects as project progresses

  • Ensuring that operations on projects are completed according to specifications given in the quality documentation

  • Witnessing , assessing and signing off of witness and hold points on projects

  • Final testing of installations and completed projects

  • Developing clean condition procedures on projects


Planning and Estimating
  • Developing of scopes of work for generator and exciter rotor repairs or rewinds

  • Planning and estimating durations of operations on generator projects

  • Planning and estimating of labour costs on generator projects

  • Planning and estimating the costs of all spares on generator projects

  • Calculating of all lead times on generator projects

  • Developing Gant charts for generator rotor projects

  • Developing calc. sheets for projects

  • Developing Process Quality Plans ( PQPs ) for projects

  • Identifying witness and hold points in key areas of the projects

  • First level checking and accepting of calc. sheets, Gant charts and PQPs prior to Senior Management and customer acceptance


Designs worked on include:

  • GEC (General Electric Company – U.K)                               – 100 Mw up to 660MW

  • Alsthom (France)                                                                   –   60Mw up to 1000MW

  • Asea Brown Boveri /Brown Boveri Corporation (Swiss)  –   30Mw up to 350MW

  • KWU / AEG (German)                                                            –   100Mw up to 200MM

  • Siemens/Parsons (German and U.K)                                  –   60Mw up to 350 MW

  • Oerlikon                                                                                  –   60 MW

  • Toshiba (Japanese)                                                                –   60 MW up to 100 MW


  • Exciter rotors of all of the above designs

  • PMG rotors of all of the above designs



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